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Italy: To know where a place is located use the form and use the "Find in the map" button. Then the map shows the exact location of the searched site. Among the data shown: geographical coordinates, the 20 closest cities with the relative distance and the link to the road path, as well as distances and road routes from the major localities of the country.

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Italy: To know the exact location of a place is definitely useful the service www.roadonmap.com with information always updated.
Some features present in roadonmap.com
  • Map: map with highlighted the exact place searched
  • Coordinates: satellite coordinates of the searched place
  • Nearby locations: list of surrounding towns with relative distance and route
  • Distances: from the major cities of the country and from the nearby towns
  • Road routes: In the information a direct link is available for the calculation of the road to get to the searched location
  • Hotel: In the information you will find a link to select hotels for the location you have found
  • Print: It is obviously possible to save the map and information, using the print button of the browser.
For the search result we use the features of "© Google Maps" and "© OpenStreetMap", while we use "© booking" to find hotels.