Where is Christmas Island, Christmas Island

Christmas Island is located in Christmas Island (KT) in Australia. The satellite coordinates of Christmas Island are: latitude 10°26'51"S and longitude 105°41'25"E
There are 0 places (city, towns, hamlets …) within a radius of 100 kilometers / 62 miles from the center of Christmas Island (KT), the nearest place in the area is .
Below is the table with the 0 places near Christmas Island (KT). In the table are indicated: name of the place, admin, distance[1] in kilometers, distance[1] in miles and the link to the travel sheet with road route.

Position of Christmas Island (KT) on the map

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Below is shown the table of main cities with the corresponding distances[1] of the main cities from Christmas Island (KT) measured both in kilometers and in miles.

distances[1] from Christmas Island (KT) of the main cities
PerthWA Australia2.610,15 Km1.621,87 MiRoute and road distance WA Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
DarwinNT Australia2.749,68 Km1.708,57 MiRoute and road distance NT Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
AdelaideSA Australia4.301,26 Km2.672,68 MiRoute and road distance SA Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
MelbourneVIC Australia4.955,03 Km3.078,91 MiRoute and road distance VIC Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
CanberraACT Australia5.177,81 Km3.217,34 MiRoute and road distance ACT Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
BrisbaneQLD Australia5.287,99 Km3.285,81 MiRoute and road distance QLD Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
WollongongNSW Australia5.295,93 Km3.290,74 MiRoute and road distance NSW Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
SydneyNSW Australia5.303,32 Km3.295,33 MiRoute and road distance NSW Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
NewcastleNSW Australia5.321,96 Km3.306,91 MiRoute and road distance NSW Australia - Christmas Island (KT)
HobartTAS Australia5.399,47 Km3.355,08 MiRoute and road distance TAS Australia - Christmas Island (KT)

[1]The distances indicated are measured in a straight line, the road distances can be appreciably different. To obtain road distance you can select route planner Road itinerary

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